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Subject: Outstanding Community Service Contributions of our Graffiti Removal Contractor - Superior

"In conversation with Mayor Pro Tem Murray I mentioned what a great job I thought Superior was doing and that I hear that same thing expressed very frequently by many people in the community. She agreed and mentioned that in addition to doing a fantastic job with graffiti removal they also were very supportive of the community and had been involved in a great many efforts throughout the city. Her comment is what prompted my inquiry, and I have to tell you this is even more than I had imagined or hoped for. I would like very much to share this with the community if there are no objections.

The fact that they do this with apparently no desire for publicity or interest in recognition makes their efforts all the more noteworthy, particularly in light of the attention seeking antics of a small but vocal group of people who contribute nothing to our city but do not miss a single opportunity to complain or criticize. Sometimes a little reminder of the good that’s out there and some of the positive things going on in our city and our neighborhoods goes a long way.

I’ve been personally involved in the issue of graffiti in Anaheim for a very long time and the problem has never been dealt with better. The quality of their work and the speed with which they do it is heads above anything that’s ever been done in Anaheim before. Everyone involved should be congratulated and acknowledged."

Keith Olesen

"I write to congratulate you, from the top down, on the rapid response to a graffiti report I made a few weeks ago, on your web site and also by phone... What an example! With this type of response everywhere, it would hardly be cost-effective for the perpetrators to bother in the first place....Please convey to your managers and their crews our satisfaction at their fine service. I hope it continues and serves as an example of how to fight this scourge throughout the County and its constituent cities."

Dorothy Harris
2nd Vice President, Ladera Heights Civic Assn.
Chair, Beautification Committee

"Thank you for your graffiti removal service in the City of West Covina over the years. Besides being very responsive to the needs of the community, you have acted quickly to removing the graffiti from the well-traveled streets as well as in our parks and highly visible public areas. Superior has done their homework to incorporate the latest technology, which will be an added benefit for the community and environment. I commend you, your staff and your standard of excellence."

Frank J. Wils, Chief of Police
City of West Covina

"Superior has embraced West Hollywood's core values relating to sustainability and upgraded their equipment to exceed our stiff requirements and goals of the maintaining a "Green" image. It continues to be a pleasure dealing with the friendly staff of Superior. They are dependable, professional and responsive."

Kevin W. Trudeau, Maintenance Superintendent Facilities and Landscape Division
West Hollywood

"I'm pleased to recommend Superior Graffiti Abatement to anyone considering the use of their services. They have been providing supplemental graffiti abatement services to the County of Orange."

Eileen DePuy, Manager, Operations & Maintenance/Special Projects
County of Orange

"Graffiti is removed within the specified time required by the City of Colton and requested work is completed in a timely manner. Superior has also been responsive to our needs, requests and concerns."

Dennice Raygoza, Administrative Analyst, Department of Public Works
City of Colton

City of Anaheim Survey Comments...

Downtown Anaheim

A citizen filled out a survey for Request #: 1430049

Employee Effectiveness: Superior

Time to Respond: Superior

Employee Courtesy: Superior

Expectation Met:  Exceeded

The comments were: Wow! 6-hour service response and request completion for graffiti removal. Now this is just about as good as it gets here! Keep our Anaheim Parks clean! I expect no less than stellar service from any city contractor. Keep these folks around... The money is well spent here! Don't cut any more corners on graffiti removal in Anaheim. In fact, spend more on prevention starting in elementary schools.

A citizen filled out a survey for Request #: 1454047

Employee Effectiveness:  Superior

Time to Respond:  Superior

Employee Courtesy:  Superior

Expectation Met:  Met

The comments were: I've been spoiled. I expect SUPERIOR SERVICE and I have not been disappointed. Thank you.

LA County Graffiti Abatement Inspector Emails…

LA County Certificate of Appreciation

"Jose did an excellent job… I know the local residents greatly appreciate it and so do I!"

"The crew did a great job… on short notice."

"Looks great… excellent color match, thanks again!"

"Thanks for the super quick response."

"… Alex is doing a remarkable job in Lennox. He has made a huge difference in the community and it's greatly appreciated."

"Your painter did an excellent job… painting the entire area corner to corner."

"Thanks for responding to my request faster than a 911 call. Salvador showed up in a flash, and did a great job."

"A police officer who lives in the Valinda area called to say THANK YOU for being on top of the graffiti in his community.  He along with the fire department employees in the area call in graffiti all the time and are very pleased that the graffiti is removed within a day."

Citizen Comments...

"Thanks for the good work that Superior is doing - I can't speak for other areas, but in my area you guys get an A+."

Your Friend,
Nathan Zug
MBC, Community Connections
Anaheim Resident


"Your contractor, Superior, for the graffiti removal program is doing excellent work. Not only did the courteous employee show up the next day to paint over the graffiti, but a week or so later another came back just to match the paint color better on my house. Both men were highly professional and courteous. Keep up the great work and thank you for making East LA a better place to live."

Los Angeles Resident


"I'm impressed with the smoothness and efficiency of the graffiti removal process. The operators who answer the hotline are courteous and professional, which makes the reporting very easy… Thank you for making our neighborhood looking nice and clean…"

El Camino Village Resident


"They certainly lived up to their name."

West Covina Resident


"Thank you for responding to my recent email and for addressing my concerns about the graffiti cleanup in our city. I was very happy to see how quickly the areas were corrected."

West Covina Resident