Tornado ACS

Advanced Cleaning Systems

Graffiti Removal

Tornado ACS’ revolutionary 100% eco-friendly graffiti removal solution works magically on any brick, concrete, plaster, natural stone, tiles, wood, plastic and metal.

Each year, insurance companies, school boards, property managers, municipalities, and other organizations around the world spend billions of dollars on graffiti removal. And graffiti removal is not just a burden for everyone from private companies to governments to taxpayers – each incident of graffiti can lower property values, which depress overall economic levels in a community.

Traditional Graffiti Removal Methods are Expensive and Unsafe

Unfortunately, traditional graffiti removal methods are both expensive and unsafe, because they use toxic chemicals. This not only leads to environmental damage and potential worker health risks, but it can also damage the painted/marked surface – thereby leading to yet more costs in replacements and repairs.

Tornado ACS is the PERFECT and SAFE Graffiti Removal Solution

Thankfully, Tornado ACS is the perfect and safe graffiti removal solution! Simply plug in the Tornado ACS, insert the granules that correspond to the surface you need to clean, and begin the full removal process without damaging the original surface. Tornado ACS even “cleans up after itself” by capturing all of the paint! There’s NO chemicals, NO environmental risks, NO special protective clothing required, and Tornado ACS can be used safely indoors or out. It even removes graffiti that was applied years ago!

Watch the Tornado ACS remove graffiti from a painted surface.

Fire and Smoke Restoration

Remarkably fast and effective fire and smoke restoration without chemicals!

Fire & Smoke Restoration can be an Impossible Task

After a fire, the prospect of cleaning and restoring private or commercial properties can be daunting -- even impossible. This is because the unsightly soot and grime caused by fire and smoke can penetrate surface cavities, and leave behind unbearable odors and ugly stains that simply won’t respond quickly and effectively to conventional cleaning methods.

Fire Restoration can be Destructive, Too

Ironically, conventional fire and smoke restoration methods can also do more harm than good – because sanding, scraping and wire brushing can permanently damage surfaces, not to mention eat up time and money. Furthermore, since chemicals react differently to various materials (e.g. what works for removing smoke odor from plastics may not work on wood), the conventional process of trying to clean fire-damaged surfaces and remove smoke odors after a fire can be a toxic, hazardous “experiment” to see what will work… and what won’t.

Tornado ACS: A Revolution in Fire Restoration Technology

Tornado ACS is unlike anything that the North American marketplace has seen before. With NO harmful chemicals and at a fraction of the time required by conventional fire restoration methods, Tornado ACS transforms a fire-damaged surface to its original splendor, and removes all traces of smoke odor.

Tornado ACS is fast, easy, environmentally safe, remarkably effective – and it’s the future of fire & smoke restoration… TODAY!

Watch the Tornado ACS restore a fire-damaged wall!

Mold Remediation

Tornado ACS targets mold: air leaks, bathroom condensation, roofing problems, and more!

Tornado ACS’ Mold Remediation targets mold caused by following & other common triggers:

  • Air leaks around windows and doors
  • Bathroom shower leaks and condensation
  • Roofing problems
  • Flueroblems
  • Inadequate kitchen ventilation
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Moisture transfer through cement floors and walls
  • …and many other common, everyday causes

Mold Remediation is a TOP Health and Safety Priority

Mold remediation is vital to ensure the health and safety of your home or workplace. This is because mold exposure can trigger allergic reactions, asthma and other respiratory problems – especially for young children, the elderly, and those with a weakened immune system. Furthermore, “black” or “toxic” mold is reportedly linked to a variety of serious symptoms and illnesses, including: learning disabilities, memory problems, chronic fatigue, rheumatoid arthritis, bleeding lungs, and chronic bronchitis, and more.

Mold Remediation is Ineffective and Unsafe with Conventional Methods

However, mold remediation is almost impossible to do with conventional methods, such as spraying with bleach. Not only is a VERY high concentration of bleach required – which invariably damages the affected surface – but not all mold spores are removed, which means that additional unhealthy spray will be required in the near future.

Tornado ACS makes Mold Remediation Fast, Easy, Safe and EFFECTIVE

Tornado ACS has revolutionized the mold remediation process. Simply point the Tornado ACS nozzle to the affected surface, and with rapid speed WITHOUT chemicals of any kind, you can:

  • Quarantine the mold in order to prevent spreading
  • Eliminate ALL of the mold so you restore a healthy, clean environment
  • Protect surfaces and avoid damage to wood, carpet, cement, etc.

Quite simply, Tornado ACS is the revolutionary mold remediation solution you’ve been waiting for. In fact, after you use Tornado ACS and see how easy, environmentally safe and effective it is, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it!

Watch the Tornado ACS clean tile and grout!

Building Restoration, Renewal, and Refurbishment

Tornado ACS is a 100% eco-friendly and non-damaging solution for building restoration, renewal, refurbishment!

Building restoration is the process in which the fabric or structure of the building is renewed and refurbished. This includes the cleaning up of the outer or the inter portion of the building as well as reconstruction of the damaged portion of the structure.

Due to the fact that pollution levels in the world have greatly increased, as a result of rapid inductrialization, the need for restoration and maintenance of structures, may they be modern or historical,is at an all time high. Goverment and private owners alike understand the need to partner with a company that has both the experince and technology to restore their structure.

Our team is committed to preservation and restoration of both historic structures and modern era buildings. We service Residential, Governmental, Religious and Commercial clients throughout Europe and now look forwad to introducing our technology to North America. Under the guidance and trust of Tornado, We will restore the masonry color and architectural detailing without ever harming the original structure.

Watch the Tornado ACS clean a sandstone facade!

Monuments & Cemeteries

The patented vacuum-blasting method is the perfect solution for photo engraving on granite tombstones and QR codes on natural gravestone.

The patented vacuum-blasting method from Tornado ACS is the perfect solution for photo engraving on granite tombstones and QR codes on natural gravestones. The sensitive foil is not damaged with this soft blasting method. Photos and QR codes can be applied directly on the stone in the workshop or on site. Because of the closed cycle of the vacuum-blasting method, no contaminations develop.

Creating a photo engraving on granite with the vacuum-blast machine has many advantages. The object doesn’t have to be placed inside or outside a blast cabin. The area to be vacuum blasted can be of any size, and the foil is not damaged even during long and intense vacuum blasting.

Photo engraving on granite: How does it work?

With its innovative jet-blasting system, the Tornado ACS can even engrave detailed photos on granite. The first step involves creating a foil of the desired image, which is pressed onto a clean stone surface. The machine then vacuum-blasts different areas of the image until they have reached the appropriate depth. The contrast can be enhanced with white paint, once the foil is removed. The system can also create colour-coded images, reproduce portraits and engrave logos on granite with no risk of damaging the foil or the stone.

Granite, marble and bronze restoration

Tornado ACS is dedicated to preserving history and commemorating the past with efficient restoration solutions. When plaques and monuments age, their beauty can diminish over time as they take on a dull and faded appearance. The Tornado ACS can safely restore a granite or marble monument to pristine condition, as well as bring back the original lustre of a bronze plaque. The gentle system will blast away dirt, grime and other imperfections without damaging the original surface.

Watch the Tornado ACS engrave a photo on granite!