Si-Coat 532

Low VOC Anti-Graffiti Protective Coating

Si-COAT® 532™ Low VOC (volatile organic compound) content anti-graffiti coating is a clear, long-lasting single application solution to the problems of graffiti.


  • Environmentally responsible - Protective coating with low volatile organic compound (VOC) content. Complies with South Coast AQMD.
  • Easy application – single coat spray application with minimal site preparation.
  • Water Washable – Most graffiti can simply be washed off using a pressure washer and/or water and a soft bristle brush.
  • Cost effective – less labor and application costs due to simplicity of use.
  • Versatility – Use on metal, concrete, brick, stone, wood, fiberglass and pre-existing coatings.
  • Durable – long lasting, withstands many graffiti removal cycles, UV resistant.
  • Quick Dry Time – tack free in 60 - 90 minutes; cure time 4-6 hours.

Product Description

Si-COAT 532 is a clear, semi-gloss, permanent (non-sacrificial) one coat low VOC anti-graffiti protective coating suitable for use over metal, concrete, brick, stone, wood, fiberglass and pre-existing coatings. This single component, room temperature vulcanizing (RTV), moisture cure polysiloxane product provides excellent durability and long service life. As a result of its specific chemistry, Si-COAT 532 forms chemical bonds with the host surface to enhance adhesion properties without the need for abrasive blasting, priming, and extensive site preparation. Due to the hydrophobicity of the coating, most graffiti can be removed from protected surfaces, using water under low pressure -1200 psi (ASTM D7089 Cleanability Level One).

Cost Savings

The single coat system of Si-COAT 532 minimizes labor costs and installation time over other multi-coat anti-graffiti coatings. The product is easily applied using an airless sprayer, roller or brush. The cost savings are amplified by minimal site preparation (no abrasive blasting required) before application; again saving time, labor, and material costs. The non-sacrificial nature of Si-COAT 532 means that the product will withstand many repeated graffiti removal cycles without the need of to be reapplied. Further cost savings are realized when removing the graffiti tagging compared to other products since no proprietary chemicals are needed.

Superior PerformanceSi-COAT 532 is suitable for use over metal, concrete, brick, stone, wood, fiberglass and pre-existing coatings - however, test patches should be performed as product may have a darkening effect on some surfaces.The protective coating remains flexible allowing it to remain intact through thermal expansion and contraction of the substrate. These properties also make the product able to bridge hairline surface cracks. Si-COAT 532 allows moisture vapor to escape while minimizing water penetration, allowing for enhanced protection of the coated surface to conditions such as dampness, weather damage.

Environmental Responsibility

Si-COAT 532 is a low VOC (volatile organic compound) anti-graffiti coating.


Si-COAT® 532™ is available in 1 US gal (3.8L) and 5 US gal (18.9L) containers.

Shelf Life

When stored in the original un-opened container at or below 90oF (32oC) Si-COAT® 532 has a shelf life of 12 months. Store Si-COAT® 532 in dry, shaded conditions away from sources of heat and/or ignition.

Safety Precautions

This product is intended for use only by professional applica-tors in industrial situations in accordance with the advice given in this document, the Technical Data Sheet (TDS), the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and the container(s). Si-COAT 532 should not be used without reference to the TDS and MSDS that CSL Sili-cones Inc. provides to its custom-ers.

All work involving the application and use of this product should be performed in compliance with all relevant national Health, Safety & Environmental standards and regulations.

When applying in confined spaces ensure adequate ventilation and/or respiratory equipment.