Sensitive Surface Remover

For the quick, safe and non damaging removal ofGRAFFITI, GREASE and GRIME from ‘Sensitive Surfaces’


Sensitive Surface Remover (SSR) has been designed as a ‘brush on wipe off’ type product for the removal of 
graffiti, grease and grime from painted and other sensitive 
surfaces without damage. 

It is designed to remove spray can paints, felt pen and wax crayon markers water and oil based staining pens, overspray, grease, grime and scuff marks from painted and coated surfaces such as painted walls, powder coat, stainless steel, aluminum, vinyl fences, signage, clear acrylic, plastics, windows, playground equipment and 
many more. 


  • Versatile multi use product for removing graffiti and other marks from paintwork. 
  • Fast acting penetrating formula encapsulates and suspends graffiti and other marks so you can wipe away easily without smearing / smudging or re-depositing into coated surface. 
  • Brush on / wipe off or spray and agitate with soft bristled brush or scourer. 
  • Pleasant smelling and non toxic. 
  • Safe and effective to use on most smooth surfaces. 
  • Biodegradable 
  • Cleans and disinfects (kills) staphylococcus, strepto­coccus, E. coli and salmonella