Muralshield Preservation Solution

For the PROTECTION & CONSERVATION of fine art acrylic murals


MURALSHIELD is designed for the protection and con­
servation of fine art acrylic murals. It offers UV protection, consolidation, and weatherproofing. MURALSHIELD will restore weathered, uncoated murals, and is recommended for the preservation of new acrylic and aerosol murals. 

MURALSHIELD is a conservation grade flexible coating designed as a protective and isolation layer. However, it will not protect against graffiti vandalism alone. For long lasting, durable graffiti protection, WORLD’S BEST GRAFFITI COATING must be applied over MURALSHIELD. 

Once a mural is preserved with MURALSHIELD, WORLD’S BEST GRAFFITI COATING is easily applied as a sacrificial barrier for graffiti protection, enabling quick removal of all types of graffiti vandalism without damage to the underlying surface. 

The final outcome will be a highly maintainable, durable, vibrant mural. 

MURALSHIELD being applied with HVLP sprayer 

MURALSHIELD is compatible with artist-grade acrylic paints, fine art aerosols, collage-based, or digitally printed murals. Compatible substrates include building structures such as uncoated concrete, wood and signage grade panels, most exterior insulated finishing systems (EIFS) and stuccos, CMU block walls, brick walls (depending on the brick condition), painted and coated surfaces. 

MURALSHIELD can also be used to prepare a concrete, CMU, stucco, painted or unpainted wall for painting. MURALSHIELD should only be used after a wall is cleaned and thoroughly dry. 

Apply two coats of MURALSHIELD to a painted or unpainted surface prior to gessoing or priming. 


  • Restores color to sun-damaged, uncoated murals as well as flexibility and vibrancy to weakened paint binders. 
  • Can be painted over indefinitely, so long as an additional coat of MURALSHIELD is applied to the newly painted section. 
  • Provides long lasting UV protection and weather proofing.