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Vandalism Etched in Glass

Acid-based attacks that do lasting damage are spreading quickly. Several major cities consider limiting sale of the art supplies.

Convicted graffiti vandal gets jail time

VISTA, Calif. — A young man who committed numerous graffiti crimes in Vista using the name “Selik” was sentenced Tuesday to 270 days in county jail.

Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas! We're Celebrating Years of Hard Work and Service

We are proud to have dedicated employees throughout our company. This year we are recognizing a few of our outstanding stars, who have over the years made a positive difference in the overall success of our company.

Protecting environment, lives with 'green' graffiti removal

Graffiti is a problem for cities all across the nation. The U.S. spends billions of dollars every year to clean it up. But there's a project in-the-works that could make it both cheaper -and greener to remove.

5Pointz graffiti art gets whitewashed

Tears shed in Queens on Tuesday came from people angry that the owner of a building in Long Island City painted over a mecca of graffiti.

Federal judge refuses to stop plan to demolish 5Pointz graffiti mecca in Long Island City, NY

A lawsuit was filed in Brooklyn Federal Court by 17 graffiti artists who sought to save the street art that adorns the exterior of the old factory, located off of Jackson Ave. The suit cited a federal law that allows for preservation of art in the public interest.

Justin Bieber caught spraying graffiti in Brazil?

Ten days ago, when he sneaked out from his hotel to do some graffiti on a 40 meters long gray wall of 26th Street in Bogota, Colombia, Justin Bieber most probably didn't imagine he would stir a heated debate and provoke a chain reaction, which ended up legitimizing graffiti and urban art.

RIVERSIDE: Anti-graffiti poster, video contests now open

Do you have artistic talent? Are you a middle or high school student in the City of Riverside?

Eight artists have three months to paint Santa Ana mural

First, they found inspiration. Then, they found a wall. Now, local artists have three months to turn both into a mural with one theme: Santa Ana.