Graffiti Coating

An extremely DURABLE and LONG LASTING, PROTECTIVE coating for brick, stone, masonry, timber and natural building surfaces


World’s Best Graffiti Coating (WBGC) is a water based all-weather, long-term SACRIFICIAL protection, formulated for most types of surfaces. Provides durable protection against spray paint, marker / felt tip pens pollution and grime. Also provides protection against salt and sea type moisture. 

Correctly applied, life expectancy against graffiti is generally 7 years but it can be effective up to 10 years. 

This protective coating is permeable and allows the surface to breath. Prevents graffiti from penetrating into the substrate. 

The surface must be re-protected following graffiti removal which can be done immediately to a damp (not wet) surface. 

WBGC is readily biodegradable according to OECD test 302 B. 


  • Safe, quick and easy to apply by spray, brush or roller. 
  • Fast drying time. 
  • Makes getting graffiti off walls a pleasure. 
  • Virtually invisible / matte finish 
  • Non toxic and virtually odorless. 
  • Ideal for heritage buildings. 
  • Can be used on porous and non porous substrates.