Feltpen Fadeout

For the for the final removal of ink stains and certain spray can shadows on smooth or porous surfaces.


FELTPEN FADEOUT (FPFO) is designed for the final removal of shadows and traces of inks and dyes and other graffiti markers from all surfaces; porous and non porous. 
FPFO will also remove some spray can stains / ‘ghosts’ (particularly reds) from delicate and porous surfaces, and is designed to work in conjunction with World’s Best Graffiti Removers. 
FPFO can be diluted with water to use as a high foaming cleaner for the removal of organic stains dirt and fats as well as sanitize surfaces killing micro organisms (germs, bacteria, fungi etc.) 

Removes ink stains from magic markers, leather dyes, bootpolish etc. on porous surfaces such as concrete, stone, marbleand terrazzo.


  • Unique UV sensitive formulation draws inks and other stains out of surfaces. 
  • Can be used while BARE BRICK STONE & MASONRY REMOVER or SENSITIVE SURFACE REMOVER is still on the stain OR After dissolving as much of the graffiti as possible using these removers (choice of remover depends on type of substrate.) 
  • Excellent for removing leather dyes and inks that have shown resistance to removers, ‘burnt into’ / stained paintwork or coated surfaces, or wrapped into porous surfaces creating a stain. 
  • When diluted, creates a highly active cleaner for use cleaning smoke films, greasy marks, carbon deposits, food spills, mold, fungi, and other soilage. 


Use for the final removal of inks and certain spray can stains on painted and coated surfaces, plastics, concrete, cinder block, terrazzo, stone, marble, granite and most other surfaces. 
Do not use for cleaning aluminum or alkali-sensitive surfaces such as polished floors.