An ultra-efficient cleaning concentrate especially designed for grease, grime & grunge in the pressure washer industry


A highly effective detergent concentrate intended for paving and hard surface cleaning. Designed to tackle the hardest grease, grunge and grime stains such as vegetable and oil stains around trash enclosures, tire skid marks, gum ghosts and other marks from asphalt, 
concrete, stone, or tile floors. 

Removes grease, grime, mold & mildew from pavers. 


  • Phosphate free and BIODEGRADABLE. 
  • Low foaming and free rinsing. 
  • Removes the toughest grease and grime for professional results everytime. 
  • Ideal for pavers, concrete machinery, factories, fast food drive-throughs, kitchens etc. 
  • Use to clean and degrease oil stained concrete floors