Bare Brick Stone and Masonry Remover

For the quick, safe and non damaging removal of GRAFFITI, GREASE and GRIME

Highly effective, economical and BIODEGRADABLE graffiti remover for bare brick, stone and masonry applications. Removes all types of spray can paints from all porous stone and concrete surfaces, including cinderblock, split face block and exposed aggregate. Rinses easily with no residue. Safe and effective to use on all types of natural stone (such as limestone, granite and marble), stainless steel, trees, plastics and playground equipment. Generally applied by brush, or sprayer and best rinsed with a small pressure washer. It has an incredibly consistent 98% success rate with one application. Alternative uses include removal of oil and latex based overspray stains left from paint spills, oil stains on concrete, and smoke damage removal applications. 1 litre will remove approx. 5 sq mtrs (of typical graffiti) on concrete, brick, block or masonry surfaces.